About Us

Our team has always loved alcohol beverages, especially wines. It has been a great experience to go around the world and research about them, taste various kinds and learn how to make these distilled and fermented drinks. We spent years learning how to create these masterpieces and know where they came from or their origins. It’s a fun and enjoyable moment to discover histories behind these fascinating drinks and because of that, we became more eager to do something more about them.

Recreating them was a bit easy since we already practiced a lot but the harder part was the taste. The delicious tastes of these drinks always delighted us but whenever we try to do the same, we ended up failing or getting just close to it. But then we realized not all these beverages tastes exactly the same. They all have the same taste of course as the same drink or type but these brands have their own specialties. That’s what gave us the idea of doing a beverage without purposely recreating the taste of these brands. Yes, we definitely got the perfect taste of wines, beers and others but what encouraged us to do more of it was the special and different essence our products have. Because we ended up creating such great drinks, we thought of a way to share them to other people. Our friends and families loved our work and pushed us to establish our own business.

And that’s how Empire State Cellars started. With the help of other people supporting us, our group of friends decided to be a team and build up our own business. From a small company and, advertising and website, we now have more customers than we imagined. Our purpose of sharing these fantastic drinks we created became successful and we intend to keep it that way.