Health advantages of drinking alcoholic beverages

Too much alcohol is not good for our health. It isn’t something that most people will advise but do you know that drinking alcoholic beverages actually have great health benefits? Now these drinks can be a lot more useful than just making people drunk and satisfied with the taste.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans said that, “moderate alcohol consumption is defined as having up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men. This definition is referring to the amount consumed on any single day and is not intended as an average over several days.”

Though we all know the health risks that alcohol may bring, some people still don’t know the benefits it actually gives.

One example of its advantage is that alcohol beverages can lower the possibility of having cardiovascular disease. Moderate consumption of alcohol can make that possible. It improves some factors that influences blood clotting. These kinds of improvements will prevent the formation of small blood clots that are the “ultimate cause of many heart attacks and the most common reason for strokes,” according to The School of Public Health at Harvard University.

It was also said that drinking small amounts of alcohol can lengthen your life. The Catholic University of Campobasso’s study stated that drinking less than four or two drinks per day for men and women respectively can reduce the risk of death by 18 percent, as reported by Reuters.

Other than that, it also helps prevent the onset of the common colds. Scientists have suspected that this is due to its antioxidant properties. It also can lower the risk of getting diabetes.

It may not be a good thing to drink a lot but know that moderate drinking might help our health too. All we have to do is maintain this healthy lifestyle and enjoy minimal consumption of alcoholic beverages.